Color of Labyrinth

We live in colors, cities, callings, names, Los Angeles. We justify our textures, give them architecture, heritage, skin. You sit on a chair on an edge, drinking coffee, and there's a freeway below. Can you tell which movie you're in? Are you in a matrix? There are constitutions to obey, regulations, boundaries. Boundaries in indecision are necessary. The sun always shines. Endings only happen when the movie credits are rolling like unreadable text, dead scrolls, vague scribbles without history.

Between Our Eyes

We've been reading between the lines. We believe the invisible will take us somewhere. Be careful, a crevice, a hole, a whole. Sure, a soul, as well. Listen to the rustlings, of leaves, palm leaves. Our civilization is set on tropical mode, invasive blue skies, margarita resorts, salty cabanas. The veins of serendipity is never tired. We'll scuba into our neon hearts. If you leave me, I will find you, through the eye of the storm.