Fran Lebowitz

I ended up looking for clips of Fran Lebowitz on YouTube today, while looking for publishing/literary events in New York City. And I'm glad I followed the links of other clips that featured her or I wouldn't know about a new documentary about this former taxi driver; the film is titled Public Speaking, directed by Martin Scorsese. I followed these links with some excitement and curiosity, because I know she hasn't written for a while; due to writer's block, according to her. But she doesn't seem to have lapses in being witty, and has found ways to express it through public appearances.

Clips of these appearances, however, are not abundant. And of those I've viewed, it's hard to not replay them a few times; these are glimpses of her being interviewed or making a speech in this or that function. Her wit grabs you; it's quite sharp, I think, you end up evaluating your view of certain things in life instantly. And I hope to catch her in person somewhere in New York City, whether she's walking on 5th Avenue, smoking the city around Bryant Park, or just hanging out anywhere in Manhattan. Seeing her would probably feel like an event for me, like I was seeing Picasso, even though Fran's body of work is much lesser than the Spaniard's. But what I'm curious though is her not behind a camera; she seems to know how to project herself through a medium; her facial expressions and hand-gestures complement what comes out of her mouth.

Now the New York Public Library has already cataloged the information on this new documentary by Scorsese, and there's now a line for its Holds List that'll soon grow longer.