More Fables

More Fables
Michael Caylo-Baradi
after Kate Braverman

You set the conditions, validations, necessary entanglements. Grace wears masks in sentiments, your hyperbolic, highly toxic perfections. We prefer the numbness, the intimacies we penetrate during aftershocks, as we contemplate beauty of disasters, the chaos that so resembles us. Our dry seasons aren't over yet. More droughts to come, nourish, pour prayers into. I see myself on and in glasses all the time, the clones of my shadows, disintegrating into religions of you, myths dispossessed, like debris of silhouettes you leave in my eyes.


When you hang them close to each other, they form a group of common things you use, wear. You remember places and people, and maybe the time of day, too, or whether it was sunny or not. It's possible that what is remembered has already been filtered, carefully selected. The selection is not felt, because of automatic mechanisms that erase what need not be remembered.

Was a drink spilled on the sleeve? Did a hand touch the back of the collar? Questions bother, because there are details that need recognition. Digital instruments can be helpful for these questions. Their pixels are tools for remembrance, especially when zoomed. But as you zoom, are you magnifying something in memory, irrecoverable absence, or something that wasn't even there in the first place?


They're familiar shapes, like the curve of eyeballs, enlarged, so we can see what's out there. But Hollywood probably offers brighter stars than those up there. We like stars seen by the naked eye, so we can immediately use them for the projectors in our imagination.

Awesome Physics Talks

Video-Clip Source: Studio 360
I saw this video-clip at Studio 360, one of the links on this blog. The layers in this discussion doesn't end; they all converge in many surprising ways. A gift for this new year. HipHop-Physics-Theory-Relativity-Cosmology-Etc. Comedian-Musician Reggie Watts, Columbia University Professor Janna Levin, Professor Maiullo, and Host Kurt Andersen are great.