Empire State Building

 Last night, I walked through a drizzle of snow flurries on 5th Ave, from 34th to 14th and back.  I had been checking out a merchandise on the web, and wanted to see it in-person before buying it. And since I liked what I saw, I went home with it.  The streets were busy and wet outside the store, and I felt like walking around for a while.  Pizza was in my mind, or food from a truck-stand.  But I ended up getting a subway sandwich at a place near 32nd. After leaving the fast-food restaurant, I stood on the sidewalk for a while, looked around, then up.  The lights on the upper part of the Empire State Building were on, and created an effect; it looked immersed in a halo, or that its height blocked my line of sight to a full moon on a semi-cloudy sky.  I took a couple of snapshots, before heading to the Grand Central Station.  On my way there, I borrowed some videos at the Mid-Manhattan Library. Costa-Gavra's Missing - a political drama set in the 1973 coup in Chile - wasn't that bad, when I saw it later. The main characters in the story - played by Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek - are residents of the empire state.