Into New York City

Video Source: Thought Catalog

I first saw this short video at Thought Catalog, a listopia of anything conceivably listable you may not immediately think of cataloging. I love the video-tour into NYC history. Historian Steve Duncan opening that manhole (?) at one in the morning looked risky. But when Steve went up Williamsburg Bridge at 3:30AM, while director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder was trying to steady his camera, I thought I'd slip down the bridge myself, at some point. Then, this dynamic duo heightens the drama in this clip and shows Steve on one of the large suspension cables, without a protective harness, only holding the cable-rails of that suspension cable, while walking on it. Amazing. And of course the standard caution: he warns us not to do at home what he is about to do, before walking on that cable; but in a way though, we are. We are walking into his New York City, the history of that space, or even the history of space as New York City.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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